Research And Development In Opening Gates Limited is a manufacturing company based in the UK making gates, grilles and balustrades and has been supplying and installing automatic swing, telescopic, sliding gates and pedestrian gates for a number of years originally trading as Gateaholics Limited.

We offer a lot of different types of gates, railings and grills to suit everyone. Not all people have a driveway big enough to allow a swing gate or sliding gate to open easily, this is where our range of telescopic or overlapping gates can help.

Indeed some driveways are not the same height or level but with our bespoke service we can accommodate these issues. We also have different methods of switching for your automatic gates these can be by remote control, using your smart phone, pressing a keypad code, or simply just pushing a button to gain entry. How about a letter box on your new gate or your house name or number there are so many different options.

Along with the choice of gate there is also a choice of automation using underground electric motors or articulated motors.

We also offer a breakdown service or you can subscribe to our yearly maintenance service.

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