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RADIO Gates Limited

The main reason people look at having automatic gates is for security But, I believe there is another reason secretly behind this that is equally appealing. The advantage of the automatically opening gate means if its raining and you are just arriving home – who wants to get out the car to open the gates and get wet. Certainly not me! the luxury of using a mobile telephone to call the gate and it open for you or pressing a remote control is just so inviting. Also you can have more than one remote control so no arguments over who has the remote, and that’s what we call a win win situation.

I thought I should tell you about my favourite product which is the telescopic, its engineering at its best. The telescopic as its name suggests slides automatically one panel sliding back behind the other then the second section and finally the the third section all very smooth and fascinating to watch. I just had to include a video of the telescopic in action this will have your neighbours staring in awe. Of course the telescopic comes in as many sections as you need and is ideal for driveways that are narrow or do not have room for swing gates or for a standard sliding gate. You can see some of the different designs on a telescopic page above.


I know -you never knew there was so much to opening a gate or just to get the car on the drive Well! ……. First of all we have ………

The under ground motor – is covered by a metal plate either side of your gate posts underground which makes a very neat and tidy look to your new gates. This type of motor is usually fitted to swing gates but, there are two other types of motor for the swing gate .

The articulated – Aries P arm Joints gate motor are single phase 220/240 volt machines. but again this is for swing gates only and, looks like this.

Next we have the screw drive armature type gate motors, which are single phase 220/240 volt motor which again is for swing gates and here is a picture of this type of motor.

Sliding gates are  tracked sliding gates  constructed on a metal frame and mounted on a steel chassis with two bearing wheels. It is automated using a rack and pinion motor mounted on a base plate .

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