Opening your Gate

Which way would you like to open your automatic gates?

  • Remote Control
  • Digital Keypad
  • GSM Intercom Switch
  • Pushbutton
  • Mobile Phone GSM Switch

Of course you may want a manual gate with handles and a keylock.

The remote control method – are radio remote controls and do not have to be pointed at the gate and can transmit their signal from inside a pocket or a handbag and so care must be taken to avoid spurious transmissions causing the gate to move. It is recommended to leave the remote controls in the vehicle (often in a glove box or behind a sun visor to remember where it is kept) and it is not advised to attach the remote device to bunches of keys as this can affect the efficient working of the remote control. Batteries are standard  batteries. Given residential use the batteries should last a minimum of 18months.

The Digital Keypad – is for use at any time by authorized users. They have been programmed with two codes ,(i)  for opening the sliding gate fully for vehicular access  and (ii)  for opening only partially for pedestrian access.

The GSM Intercom system- with integral intercom system can be fitted which enables visitors to press the button on the speech grill and the occupant can talk to the visitor from inside the home.

The pushbutton -is a wireless doorbell that rings in the house to alert the occupants of a visitor

The GSM switch- is to allow authorised users to operate the gate by their own mobile phones. Authorised numbers can be changed deleted or added at any time by sending coded sms text messages to the sim card within the intercom system.

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